Premium fruit trees grown in Canada

Haynes Family Farm

Haynes family members in a cherry orchard in Jordan, Ontario. The Haynes family have been farming in Jordan for hundreds of years.

A family farming tradition

Welcome to Upper Canada Growers, we are a family owned and operated fruit tree nursery located in Southern Ontario. Growing up on a family fruit farm in Jordan, Ontario Robert Haynes and daughter Megan Haynes founded the company to share their lifetime experience with farmers all over Canada. The Haynes family moved to Jordan, Upper Canada in 1784 from the United States and spent the next 232 years primarily farming fruit and grapes. Robert and Megan named their company to honour the many years and tradition of family fruit farming.


The company is headquartered in Niagar-on-the-Lake with main field operations in Essex County, Ontario. The staff at Upper Canada Growers are seasoned experts in fruit trees with many years in the industry. Upper Canada Growers has partnered with Scotian Gold Cooperative in Nova Scotia, the Apple Growers of New Brunswick association, and Pépinière Philion in Quebec to create a national network in an effort to provide farmers with the best quality trees possible. The Canadian fruit tree market has grown considerably due primarily to government initiatives aimed at the agricultural sector and Upper Canada Growers hopes to meet the growing demand.

Robert Haynes of Upper Canada Growers

President and Co-founder of Upper Canada Growers Robert Haynes has a lifetime experience growing fruit trees. “As soon as I could walk, my parents had me outside picking cherries,” Rob jokes.

Working with Canadian farmers & researchers

Upper Canada Growers has developed relationships with plant breeders and propagators around the world, providing the best fruit tree quality possible to Canada. In conjunction with the University of Guelph and Harster Greenhouses, Upper Canada Growers leads the industry as the largest propagator of fruit trees from tissue culture to farmers all over the country. Fruit trees from tissue culture are by far the cleanest fruit trees available for purchase and grow to be superior to any other type, from growth to yield, taste and resistance. We are proud to grow the best quality fruit trees with the latest rootstocks, varieties and growing techniques.

We'd love to hear from you

Farming fruit trees is a complex and intricate process, we welcome you to get in touch if you have any questions regarding varieties, rootstocks, future availability or suggestions to us. We are always interested in finding new varieties and farming technologies. You are welcome to drop in any time and talk to our team of fruit tree experts.