Rootstocks & Sizes

We graft and bud our trees on a variety of rootstocks, but they are the healthiest, industry-standard rootstocks. The trees are dwarf to semi-dwarf in size, so they will grow from 9-12 feet in height.


Please keep in mind that your trees should be pruned when you plant them, it is very important. Your tree will probably not make it if you do not prune it. Please watch the video regarding pruning on our website at


Shipping costs depend on your province of residence. We ship our trees through FedEx and tracking information can be provided for you.  Depending on the fruit tree, the shipment can be from 5-6′ tall.

Shipments are made in the spring from mid-March to mid-June. This is a general guideline, we will ship as soon as weather permits healthy planting conditions. We ship our orders via FedEx and we will fill the tracking # portion of the shipment when your order is picked up. Unfortunately we cannot ship to British Columbia due to CFIA regulations. Shipping to Newfoundland and Labrador is also not possible due to the high cost of shipping. (Unless the customer wouldn’t mind spending a minimum of $300 for a small order; which is not likely)

Orders can be shipped in the fall if the customer would like to receive their order at that point. 

Local Pickups

Please specify which date you would like to pick up your order in the “comments” section of the checkout page. When you state a pickup date, please stick to it. We set the trees aside waiting for you to pick them up, for the sake of their health, pick them up on the appropriate date. Please don’t show up unannounced, as it will take us some time to put your order together.

Make sure you come pickup your trees during our hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. 

Size of Shipment

Our fruit trees are the standard in the industry and are of very high quality. The trees range in height when we ship them to you, but the most important part is the root system. The trees are feathered with branches.


We take pride in our products and hope you can be happy with them as well. Our fruit trees are reliable, healthy and disease free. Given the nature of growing a tree, we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee at time of placing the order. Web store credit can be awarded for loss of trees during its first year.