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Greenhouse Rootstocks

Accurate Order Fulfillment

Motivated by farmers who were always on a waiting list for the fruit trees they needed, Upper Canada Growers decided to grow trees a little differently. Farmers can order any rootstock and variety they would like and we can make sure their order is far more accurate than ever before. We can achieve this by growing trees on contract in advance, instead of speculative growing. You tell us what you would like, we source the rootstock and budwood and begin growing your tree for you. By following our simple order process and some planning, farmers will not have to wait without knowing if they will get the trees they need.

It all starts with healthy and hardy rootstocks

Upper Canada Growers sources the latest rootstocks from propagators in Canada, US, and Europe -along with propagating ourselves- to provide farmers in Canada the best rootstocks possible. We are working with Harster Greenhouses to use as many rootstocks as possible from tissue culture – they are healthier, extremely clean, and hardier.

Apple Rootstocks in the Greenhouse


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